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Q.  Shipping and Terms?

A.  Please review before purchasing

To see shipping cost and availability, ADD item(s) to your shopping cart and begin CHECKOUT. You do not pay for the item until the end. You will not have to enter any financial information to see cost of shipping. You will have to enter your address (otherwise shipping can't be calculated). Choose appropriate shipping method. If you are not ready to purchase, just cancel. 



Q.  I'm concerned about support after purchase?  I've emailed but I have not received a response.

A.  We take our fulfillment job seriously and are here for customers who purchase from us. Let us know you've purchased from us by providing your Order Number in the subject line of your email. We are prompt to provide parts replacement and service to existing customers.

We do not have the ability or provide support for specific applications. Why? Our business is just too small to do this. We receive too many specific questions regarding custom applications.

Before purchasing, please read the descriptions, watch videos, and decide if these are right for you. Schematics and assembly are provided with the kits and are copyright Quanta Magnetics. We have a no refund policy due to the custom nature of these kits. We are here for customers who may have a mechanical problem or broken part.

And perhaps you did not receive a response because your question relates to one of these FAQ's.

With respect and regards,  Quanta Magnetics.



Q.  Why don't you include the magnets?

A.  Magnets are included with assembled kits. For non-assembled kits, it is easier and more affordable to direct you to a reputable supplier.  We posted a link to one supplier of magnets on all of our product pages. 



Q.  Are you offering assembled units?

A.  We have discontinued assembled kits right now to better serve our customers. We do not have a future date when we will assemble more. The time, handling powerful magnets, labor, packing and shipping are just a few of the reasons we are not offering assembled units at this time. We offer customers better value by producing kits. 



Q.  What is the fuel used to power the Quanta Charger?

A.  The Quanta Charger is intended for non-petroleum operation. Input from batteries, solar, or other DC sources. Using solar panels is our primary suggested choice. The object is to use less input to do the same work when compared to other methods of energy conversion. This means using less solar panels to charge the same amount of batteries.



Q.  What is the shaft Horse Power, COP, and other data for the Quanta Charger?

A.  We are working toward providing these figures. Our mission is to provide researchers with the hardware required to progress research faster. We hope users of our products will in turn post, share, and discuss their results.



Q.  Why would one want to use a prime mover if the generator is able to run itself without a prime mover?

A.  A source of input is required. These machines do not run themselves. The Quanta Charger demostrates how little input is required for charging a battery.



Q.  Can you build my custom machine, motor, or generator?

A.  We do not provide custom engineering or prototyping. We only sell the kits which we manufacture. We are not consultants, however we will try to answer questions as best we can.


Q.  Are you selling "Free Energy" or perpetual motion machines?

A.  No.



Q.  Will something like this put the oil and gas companies out of business?

A.  No. We wouldn’t have any plastic resin to manufacture with. It’s simply amazing how massive and useful petroleum is. We're certainly not advocates for using food for fuel or plastic (like corn or soy) when there are people in the world in need of food. Turning food into fuel makes very little sense. 



Q.  Will the Q Series Generators power my home, vehicle, or cabin?

A.  Presently, our products are intended to augment alternative energy systems and for experimental research by groups or individuals with electrical experience. They have not been designed to power a vehicle. The controls do not allow automatic operation of the device. Our energy conversion kits are for experimental research. We are not staffed to answer or give advice for every scenario. Our products are not UL listed or approved. They are not FCC listed or approved. They are laboratory devices for use in your experiments.  Use and operation of our products is at your own risk. 


Q.  What is the output, torque, or power of the Quanta Charger?

A.  We do not have specific measurements at this time, as all the above elements are variable. We understand the need for this information and will post test results when we have the proper equipment to do so.


Q.  How much does shipping cost?

A.  Our shopping cart is automated. Add items to your shopping cart, proceed to checkout. Before you are asked for payment information, you enter your shipping address. Choose a shipping method and it will tell you the cost. We recommend UPS for 48 United States and USPS for international. International shipments may also have a tariff upon import. You are responsible for local laws and import of your purchase. International shipments can also be delayed because of customs inspection. Please read our terms and conditions before purchasing.



Q.  Can you produce a kW (or larger) Quanta Charger system?

A.  The Quanta Charger is able generate high voltage output. But it does not operate automatically. Our kits are presently used for research and it is up to you to determine use and experiments.



Q.  Could you use a 9VDC battery to operate and recharge the same 9VDC battery while operating the device?

A.  Yes, but not indefinitely. It can be observed that larger capacity batteries behave differently than small capacity batteries (like a 9VDC). This is one reason it takes a very long time for experiments and to see results. The battery (like lead acid motorcycle, car, or marine battery) will change over time. Observation by experiment is about the only way to learn something new here.



Q.  Can I visit a showroom to see a demonstration?

A.  Not yet. As we grow our product line, we may eventually open a showroom.



Q.  Are you looking for investors or partners?

A.  While money can make things happen faster, no thank you. We like our independence and will progress over time at our own pace.



Q.  Can we talk by phone?

A.  No, please email if your question is still not answered by one of the above frequently asked questions. We do not have enough employees to answer the phone and talk.  As experimental equipment, we have limited answers to technical questions. Kits do come with schematics. Prior electrical experience is required to wire and experiment with our kits. These devices are capable of producing lethal voltages and are not a toy.

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