(12) PowerCell Q with Digital Controls

Experimental Products

The  G1 Gyroscopic Resonant Inertia Generator 

is another forward leap in new technology. Advanced controls allow this electromagnetic gyroscopic-flywheel generator to be pulse tuned to the earth's resonant

(Schumann Resonance) electromagnetic wave frequencies. Dual generator output, Open Synchronization and Regenerative power looping for super efficient high tech battery charging experiments. Designed for temporary self-sustained operation or low power solar input for a totally renewable energy configuration.

The  T2 Resonant Regenerative & Dual Toroid Generator 

is a remarkable new technological advancement in experimental motor-generators, which produces electrical resonance and regenerative power looping for efficient high tech battery charging experiments. Designed to be used with low power solar input for a totally renewable energy configuration. The Dual Toroidal Generators increase output in the circuit and additionally allow for high voltage experiments.

The  Q3 Charge Accelerator & Toroid Generator.

An experimental generator designed as an alternative energy system element expansion, best used with low power solar input for charging of lead acid battery bank.

Advanced Toroidal Generator element provides additional power output and allows for high voltage experiments.

The  Q2 kit is two Quanta Chargers working together with one acting as a sine wave peak generator. Experiments include extended run time by connecting output to input to further power itself. A source of external input is required, such as solar. 

The  Quanta Charger is a unique kit used for many pulsed magnetic energy conversion experiments.

The Quanta Charger is a core component for many experimental setups.

The  QC Motor Generator, is a standalone pulsed magnet motor generator. Using only a few electrical components, this pulsed magnet motor generator produces significant shaft torque while drawing minimal operating current. It also generates BEMF output used for many battery charging experiments.