Si-Graphite (12) Cell Expansion Module

Cell Modules

A new emerging and continually developing power source technology proves the capability of machine integration. Based entirely on a hybrid combination of existing technologies with vast improvements, the unique Si-Graphite powercells & expansion modules provide the ability to operate theQ beta prototype continuously without the need for external electrical, renewable or fuel input.

Silicon Graphite Powercell Expansion Modules - (6 or 12 plate):

•  Each module consists of 12" x 12" x .1875" thick plates, assembled into a powercell module.

•  Electrical connection hardware included. 

•  Trimable 3/8" dia. Nylon Threaded Rod for mounting purposes.

The powercells are eco-friendly using NO acids, heavy metals or toxic chemistry. We encourage you to experiment with and without the ultracap module including exploring various powercell plate electrical connections as shown in the video

The future potential of this technology is enormous. With long term continuous electrical output and total scalability, the possibility of utility scale power is on the near horizon.

WARNING:  Experiment responsibly. Quanta Magnetics and affiliates assume no liability whatsoever. Do not attempt any experiment without proper protection including, but not limited to: eye protection, face protection, and proper clothing. During your experiments, keep a fire extinguisher nearby in case of accident. Proper safety equipment (fire extinguisher, eye wash, etc.) is recommended as part of a properly equipped laboratory. Experiment and use our products AT YOUR OWN RISK. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR SAFETY AND OTHERS WHEN EXPERIMENTING WITH OUR PRODUCTS. No warranties are implied on our patent pending Si-Graphite cells or experimental machine kit.

$1,580.00   (6) Powercell

$2,980.00   (12) Powercell

2 Modules of each

Please allow 4-6 weeks lead time for shipping after purchase. Graphite Powercells must be fabricated carefully with precision.




Si-Graphite (6) Cell Expansion Module


Si-Graphite Expansion

Commercial PowerBox

Testing a 6 Cell

Expansion Module



12 Powercell Q beta Experimental Prototype

(shown with optional 16.2V ultracap module)