Please allow 2-3 weeks lead time after purchase. This will provide time for pre-assembling the electronic control panel, and all bifilar coil winding.

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T2 Regenerative Charger Kit


T2 Regenerative Charger Kit


2 or more

10 or more



$2,895.00 each

$2,795.00 each


The  T2 Regenerative Charger Kit  is a remarkable new technology in experimental generators.

Designed with the exceptional ability to produce tuned electrical resonance and regenerative power looping within its own circuitry for highly efficient battery charging experiments. As batteries are connected for charging, they become an integral extension of the generator's looped energy operating system. As a further advantage, this machine is also capable of short term self powering while continuing to charge batteries. The Dual Toroidal Generator provides additional power output through the regenerative circuit and also allows for high voltage experiments.

The T2 is designed as a valuable portable renewable energy component using 12VDC input from an inexpensive low power solar panel, and will then provide 12VDC and 24VDC battery charging output.

The straight forward design of the Quanta Charger Series allow easy configuration for a variety of unique energy conversion and generation experiments. Includes all precision machined components and hardware required for assembly. The experimenter will appreciate the quality of this custom kit.

We manufacture a limited number of kits and lead time varies.  You will need to provide a few additional items listed below for this kit.

Kit Includes:

  • Precision CNC machined and Laser cut components
  • Axle, Bearings, and Hardware required for assembly
  • Dual Toroid Bases and Mounting Hardware
  • Dual Toroid Rotor Hardware
  • Integrated Fixed Timing
  • Reed Switch

  • 12 pre-wound 22AWG Bifilar Coils
  • Bridge Rectifiers
  • 2 Digital Volt Meters
  • 1 Analog Amp Meter
  • 1 Electronic 12VDC to 30VDC  Converter
  • Toggle Switches
  • Fuse Holder & Terminal Strip
  • Solid State Relay
  • 1 Pair Battery Clips
  • Heat Sink Electronics Mounting Plate with fully assembled pre-installed Electronic Components as shown

  • Comprehensive Assembly Manual with Exploded View Mechanical Drawings, Wiring Schematics, Diagrams, Photos & Tips

What you need to complete this kit:

  • ULTRA Capacitor modules (QTY 2)  No. BMOD 0058 E016 B02
  • Magnets for the primary rotor (6 pcs of 1.5" Dia x 0.75" Thick N52)
  • Magnets for Toroid rotors (8 pcs of 3"L x 1"W x .5" Thick N42)                                                                                                                        & (24 pcs of 2"L x 1/4"W x 1/8" Thick N42)
  • (2) 6.5" Dia Toroid Core No. T650-52
  • (4) 125' spools 16AWG coil wire
  • 1/4" quick connect terminals & wire
  • Basic electrical and wiring skills
  • batteries and / or solar panels

WARNING:  This is not a toy. Batteries can EXPLODE causing serious injury, burns, blindness, or death. Quanta Magnetics and affiliates assume no liability whatsoever. Experiment responsibly. Do not attempt any experiment without proper protection including, but not limited to: eye protection, face protection, and proper clothing. During you experiments, keep a fire extinguisher nearby in case of accident. Proper safety equipment (fire extinguisher, eye wash, etc.) is recommended as part of a properly equipped laboratory. Experiment and use our products AT YOUR OWN RISK. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR SAFETY AND OTHERS WHEN EXPERIMENTING WITH OUR PRODUCTS.